Successful revival of a sanded-out oil producer

Downhole access
JVN11720 Successful revival of a sanded out oil producer - Well Intervention - Welltec


Oil producer well completed with a gas lift system. Produced sand along with liquids at ~1,000 bbl per day over the course of 8 years.

Well was shut in 2011. Unable to be flowed with slickline and bailer. The well was plugged with sand at a HUD of 5,052 ft MD. Operator wanted a lightweight alternative to CT sand clean out.


Well Cleaner® Power Suction Tool (PST) chosen due to its small footprint. Welltec® suspected that the sand was caused by a bridge instead of a full column of sand.

The PST cleared 4,777 ft of sand bridges and recovered 861 liters of sand to surface, confirming the sand bridging theory. To control sand production, the choke size was adjusted to flow the well at 500 bbl of liquid per day.


Re-established full flow path and returned the well to full production in 34 days of daylight operations. The PST provided confirmation of the total amount of sand recovered to surface.

Demonstrated the efficiency of e-line solutions as an alternative to CT. Reduced HSE risks by using less and lighter equipment, performing fewer lifts, and mobilizing considerably faster than alternative solutions.