Well Cleaner® clears blocked FIV offshore Latin America

Downhole access
JTT163800 Well Cleaner® clears blocked FIV
  • Well type Gas producer
  • Temperature at restriction 197°F (92°C)
  • Depth 11,470 ft
  • Pressure 4,860 psi


Offshore Latin America, a client was unable to open a formation isolation valve (FIV) in a gas well using pressure cycles as planned.

Welltec® has had numerous success opening failed FIVs previously and tools had been prepared ahead of time as a contingency. Standard issue for this package was the Well Tractor®, Well Cleaner, Well Stroker® and Well Key®.


The tools were quickly mobilized to the wellsite to be run on e-line to clear and open the blocked FIV.

The first run with the Well Cleaner confirmed that debris was present, blocking the pressure ports on the FIV. The tool returned with some debris, but it was coated in thick, greasy material that limited recovery. Based on these results the number and size of the filters was increased to improve the flow area through the tool, increasing efficiency and enabling it to retrieve more debris per run.

The second, third, and fourth runs successfully retrieved 5.5 ft of debris and cleaned through and below the shifting collet to the ball. Analysis showed the debris to be a mixture of a bridging agent, grease, dirty base oil, formation sand, fine quartz crystal and tubing dope. After the fourth run, it was determined that the shifting collet was clear of debris but it was expected that about one foot of debris still remained on top of the ball.

On the fifth, the Well Tractor, Well Stroker and Well Key were run in hole where they successfully shifted open the FIV, confirmed by a witnessed pressure differential. However after recovery to surface, the FIV had closed again. One final run to shift the FIV open again was completed without issue, confirmed by a drift run through the valve.


Welltec’s cleaning capabilities successfully removed the debris from the top of the FIV, which then allowed Welltec’s mechanical tools to shift the FIV open.

By successfully cleaning above the FIV and mechanically opening the FIV, the client saved a substantial amount of rig time and money. Welltec’s solution required only two or three days rather than a week or longer. Had Welltec not been successful in cleaning and mechanically opening the FIV, they offered a further contingency of milling through the FIV with the Well Miller®.

The client believes in Welltec’s FIV contingency solutions owing to a long history of successful surface testing and prior downhole successes and client will continue to utilize Welltec’s e-line intervention solutions as the primary contingency for FIV operations in the region.