11 stage through patch tractoring with zero NPT3

JUSST145525 11 stage through patch tractoring - Well Intervention - Welltec
  • Well type Oil producer
  • Max. temperature 315°F
  • Lateral section 5,500 ft
  • Max. depth 19,387 ft
  • Max. deviation 89°
  • Max. pressure 8,000 psi
  • Distance tractored 6,943 ft for all 11 stages


After successfully conveying calipers and logging tools in the Eagle Ford Shale Welltec’s conveying solution was requested to stand by on location in case it would be needed again. That turned out to be a good plan.

The operator experienced a casing issue due to off depth perforations and had to set a patch in the horizontal to isolate them. However, while attempting the stage perforation the operator was not able to pump the plug and guns through the patch, which had an ID of 3.6". On the first attempt, the plug set prematurely when attempting to pump through. With frac on location it would be a costly endeavor to continue the 11 stages on Coiled Tubing (CT) and the operator wanted a time-efficient solution.

After CT had drilled out the prematurely set plug, Welltec’s e-line solution was therefore chosen over pump down operations that had taken 11 hours already. Thus, the Well Tractor® XR DC 318 was planned for all 11 stages through the patch to prevent setting the plug off depth. Since Welltec® already had a crew on location they were able to respond to the operator’s needs in less than an hour and thereby ensure that the operation stayed on schedule.


Between all runs Welltec’s engineers checked the tools and completed all pre-run tests to ensure reliability. The team had the tools loaded into the lubricator and ready for when the frac finished, which kept down time between fracs at a minimum.

A key feature of the Well Tractor was that it provided a controlled descent and speed through the patch while also centering the toolstring, which prevented the plug from hanging up again. When running in hole the Well Tractor used gravity to get to around 75° and started pumping down to 150 ft above the patch.

Then the Well Tractor was used to successfully convey the plug and guns through the patch. The Well Tractor was deactivated 150 ft past the bottom of the patch and from that point the operator continued with normal pump down operations.


In total, Welltec conducted 11 runs in 37 hours of well time with no misruns and 0 hours of non-productive time.

The operation demonstrated Welltec’s ability to handle downhole challenges in a speedy manner while increasing safety and service quality. Only a crew of two engineers was needed on location and frac did not have to move any equipment to accommodate for Welltec’s e-line unit.

Safety during perforations was also increased compared to any other service offering because of Welltec’s safe subs and electronic barriers.

The e-line solution saved the operator several days and provided tremendous cost savings.