Nine tractor-conveyed perforating runs in extended reach lateral

JUSOH171381 Nine tractor conveyed perforating runs in extended reach lateral - Well Intervention - Welltec
  • Well type Gas
  • Max. depth 21,850 ft MD
  • Max. temperature 210°F (98.9°C)
  • Bottom-hole pressure 2,176 psi
  • Max. deviation 91°
  • Max. dogleg 12.5° @ 100 ft


A gas well operator in the northeast United States needed to perforate approximately 4,000 ft of lateral. The operator needed a fast solution to convey the guns in the lateral because a chemical diverter was being used to plug previous perforations, and it could break down before the perforations were complete. In total, 20 stages of perforating guns needed to be delivered into the lateral before the diverter broke down.


Welltec® had worked successfully with the client in the past and was the first call after the client’s risk analysis was performed for the project. The depths needing perforations ranged from 17,860 to 21,850 ft MD within a greater than 11,530 ft lateral. Available coiled tubing units could not reach TD without buckling, and a snubbing unit would take too long. Therefore, the Well Tractor® 318 XR was mobilized to the site.

After rig-up, the Well Tractor 318 XR performed nine runs in total, conveying two or three stages of perforating guns per run. Rig-up time lasted only 84 hours. In that time, the Well Tractor conveyed the perforating guns a total tractoring distance of 87,409 ft (16.6 miles). Four to six stages were conveyed and perforated each day. The lengths conveyed within the lateral throughout the operations ranged from 7,878 ft to 11,533 ft. The Well Tractor averaged speeds of 40 to 45 feet per minute (fpm) while conveying tools, with a top speed of over 62 fpm.


Welltec was able to efficiently complete the perforating operations in a faster and safer manner than the available alternatives, such as very large CT (e.g. 2 3/8” OD) with an agitator or snubbing units. Using an e-line tractor saved the client time and money while also reducing HSE risks during operations. Specifically, the 84-hour job saved the client at least two days of operational time.

Multiple runs in this extended reach lateral further showcased the Well Tractor’s hardiness and efficiency at conveying tools across significant distances. The client was satisfied and impressed by the Well Tractor throughout this job.