218 Well Tractor® with extended wheel arm overcomes restriction

JRU17948 218 Well Tractor® with extended wheel arm overcomes restriction
  • Well type Injection well
  • Total depth 16,996 ft (5,180m)
  • Max. temperature 136°F (58°C)
  • Max. well pressure 458 Bar
  • Max. deviation 91°
  • 5½” production tubing with 7” WEG
  • 7 3/8” ID production Liner


A Russian client needed to perform the conveyance of production logging tools in a horizontal well, in order to obtain data regarding the well flow profile.
With plans to connect 5½” production tubing inside the 8 ¼” production liner, this would be attempted using a 7” wireline entry guide (WEG).

However, due to the difficult well trajectory, the operator could not directly reach the top of the lower production liner with the upper production tubing. This would leave a 40-meter interval to tractor from the WEG through the exposed 9 5/8” casing interval, in an 85° deviated section. The extent of the restriction would mean only 54mm rollers could be used in order to reach the top of the 7 3/8” ID liner.


Due to the high deviation of the well (85°), the operator identified the Well Tractor as the most capable means of conveyance.

In order to allow the tractor to run in 9 5/8” casing, the standard configuration of the 218 Well Tractor would need to be adapted. Welltec’s D&E department quickly set about modifying the length of the wheel arm.

After successfully tractoring through the casing, a total distance of 14,678 meters was covered, twice reaching target depth.


The fast response from Welltec was essential to make this job feasible. With coil tubing unable to reach beyond 1,800 meters in a horizontal interval, Welltec were able to offer an innovative slim tractor solution with extended arms, surpassing anything available on the market.

The successful operation provided the client with important data on well conditions, ultimately allowing them to work more efficiently.