Record depth for microseismic acquisition

JCA131923 - Record depth for microseismic acquisition - Well Intervention - Welltec
  • Max. deviation 90°
  • Max. temperature 284°F (140°C)
  • Max. pressure 510 bar
  • Target depth 5,120m (16,798 ft) MD
  • Total distance tractored 3,875m (12,713 ft)


In connection with a frac operation, an operator in Canada approached Welltec® for a reliable conveyance solution to gather microseismic data from an adjacent well. The operator needed to deploy Microseismic Measuring equipment (MSM) in two wells on the same four-well pad to record frac direction and growth. Pinnacle was selected to supply the MSM equipment.

Based on proven capabilities, high reliability in other areas for this operator and Pinnacle’s recommending our tools, the Well Tractor® 318 was selected for conveyance.


Prior to mobilization, a System Integration Test (SIT) was conducted at the shop to ensure perfect compatibility between the tools. On location, the toolstrings were run in hole and tractored to a total depth of ~16,798 ft (~5,100m).

The Pinnacle MSM equipment was pulled up hole sequentially to match the stages being frac’d in the adjacent well and then returned to surface upon completion.


The operator was 100% satisfied with Welltec’s performance and scheduled the next job within a week after completion of this project.

For the operator it was key to find a conveyance tool that would enable them to quickly and reliably reach the desired depth for data acquisition and the Well Tractor proved the best tool applied for this operation.

This operation maintains a solid track record and Welltec, Pinnacle and the operator is considering the same toolstring configuration for two other major projects in long reach laterals.