Horizontal open hole logging via Well Tractor®

JAL18149 & JAL174019 Horizontal OH logging via Well Tractor
  • Well type Gas producer
  • Max. temperature 130° C / 266° F
  • Max. pressure 5,535 psi
  • Deviation 81°
  • Total depth 3,900 m


Formation evaluation can be carried out via wireline logging and is used to measure and record a range of parameters, providing operators with essential information regarding downhole characteristics – such as stability of a formation.
In this case, drilling had already been completed using Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) – a depleted and fractured reservoir caused hole stability changes due to low pore pressure.

Due to safety concerns, plans to log the horizontal bore had been cancelled, and the operator sought an alternative to drill pipe conveyance.
With pressure control equipment for wireline operations becoming available, the Well Tractor® could be combined to provide a reliable means of conveyance whilst mitigating the associated risk of collapse i.e. offering a much lighter conveyance in comparison to coiled tubing or drill pipe.


Welltec proposed a 318 Well Tractor tandem configuration to get to target depth (TD). Four runs were carried out as planned, with the run-in hole speed in casing at 15m/min and 8-10 m/min in open hole.

The sub-horizontal well averaged at 81° across the open hole section. A full complement of logging was successfully carried out with tools conveyed and retrieved. Zero non-productive time was recorded.


The Well Tractor successfully provided conveyance of logging tools in open hole, despite the vulnerable formation.

By being able to log the most horizontal section of the well in a safe and pressure-controlled environment, the client was able to acquire open hole geological and petrophysical data to model reservoir properties and improve field management.