PLT conveyance in horizontal section

PLT conveyance in horizontal sections - Well Intervention - Welltec
  • Well type Producer
  • Max. temperature 248°F (120°C)
  • Max. deviation 90° (3,690m to 4,014m)
  • Total depth reached 13,169 ft (4,014m)
  • H2S concentration 4.84%
  • CO2 concentration 5.23%


In Campeche, Mexico, an operator was completing wells using inflow control devices as a standard part of the completion. In order to evaluate, understand and manage the effectiveness of the completion it was required to convey PLTs to TD.

The wells were highly deviated with some horizontal sections and high amounts of H2S and CO2 were standard factors to overcome in this environment.


Based on good performance, they tasked Welltec® with delivering a solution. After carefully studying the case, Welltec was able to present the operator with an e-line solution, which would reduce the risk for heavy equipment lifting while also having the advantages of being cost-efficient and time effective.

The Well Tractor® conveyed the PLT to TD from 11,978 ft to 13,146 ft (4,007m
- 3,651m) in a highly deviated well (up to 90°).


Compared to alternative, heavy lift conveyance methods, Welltec executed the operation with faster rig up and rig down times.

Furthermore, environmental impacts were reduced due to mobilizing lighter equipment and engaging fewer people.

Using an e-line solution instead of coiled tubing in these 41/2" completions also led to better PLT data as the flow was not restricted by the coiled tubing volume.

In the future, the operator will consult Welltec for similar operations.