Conveyance Well Tractor® NG completes 80 miles on one job

Well Tractor® NG completes 80 miles on one job
  • Max. temperature 219°F
  • Max. deviation 96°
  • Max. dog leg 16,854 ft
  • Max. BHP 355 bar


A major intervention campaign was planned on Oseberg B in the North Sea to improve production from a well that was suffering from scale issues.

The final objective was to re-perforate existing zones and to add new ones. Oseberg B is notorious for its limited rig up height of only 41 ft, adding complexity to all operations.

For many intervention solutions this reduced tool length requirement would be a show stopper but not for the short Well Tractor Next Generation (NG).


Following a successful e-line, scale milling operation performed with the Well Miller®, the Well Tractor NG conveyed third party perforating guns for 17 runs in hole.

Over the course of the operation, the Well Tractor NG performed a total of 21 flawless runs, setting a new world record by tractoring a total distance of 423,723 ft (129,150 m) in one trip to the well site.

Also impressive for this operation was the average tractoring speed of 3,720 ft/hr (1,134 m/hr).


The world record for tractoring in a single well was effectively beaten. The former record was “only” 282,110 ft (85,987m), which the Well Tractor NG surpassed by 141,614 ft (43,164m); a full 50% further. This world record was accomplished in a highly deviated well with trouble free operations.

Performing the entire intervention campaign on e-line proved to be both safer and more efficient as very long distances were tractored quickly and with no misruns.