Fast and efficient production logging on E-line

Fast and efficient production logging on E Line - Well Intervention - Welltec
  • Well type Injector
  • Max. depth 10,050 ft (3,063m)
  • Max. temperature 85°C @ 10,000 ft (3,048m)
  • Max. pressure 85 bar @ 10,000 ft (3,048m)


In the oil and gas industry you need confidence where it matters; at the well site.
When a UK client in the North Sea demanded production logging data from a challenging well, the incumbent service provider was unable to tractor to depth. With the well using an advanced polymer as well fluid, combined with internally lined plastic coated pipe, confidence in the technology was crucial.

Welltec® was initially mobilized as a contingency, but quickly rigged up and delivered where it mattered reaching depth as required.


The Well Tractor NG™ 2 1/8” was able to reach target depth of 10,050 ft (3,063m) in 1 hour and 43 minutes with zero lost time. A combined total of over 12,600 ft (3,840m) was driven with the Well Tractor® over two passes, tractoring to depth twice.


During the operation the Well Tractor achieved run in hole speeds in excess of 90 ft/min and performed to all required parameters. The client reported that Welltec was in and out of the well after successfully logging at a rate 40% faster than the incumbent service provider.

Based on this impeccable execution, the client had no hesitation in choosing the Well Tractor for the next challenging well in the campaign. This job was a tandem tractor operation through a downhole Y-tool, replacing the incumbent company who had already performed a SIT test three months earlier.

Given Welltec’s achievements on this job, the Well Tractor is now the client’s preferred conveyance method.