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To break through tough debris - we built the toughest cleaning tools

New intervention solutions cut operation time without compromising safety

Asphaltenes. Hydrates. Wax deposition. Scale and sand.

Oil and gas operators face many risks for flow restrictions, blockage and even suspension of production in their wells. Yet, to achieve success, they need high quality, robust tools for venturing to farther horizons, hostile environments, and unconventional wells.

From the game-changing Well Tractor® to our fully combinable industry-leading mechanical solutions, we have a complete portfolio of services to be your one-stop-shop.

3-in-1 Cleaning Solutions

As the intervention leader for 25 years, Welltec introduces its new revolutionary 3-in-1 Cleaning Solutions in multiple sizes—providing safer, faster, and more reliable operations for higher efficiency and performance.

  • Rotating drill bit, auger, and suction work in unison
  • Powerful turbine retrieves up to 80% more debris*
  • Cuts operation time by 50% for less risk, runs, repairs
  • Reduces operating costs and carbon footprint

More predictable and safer operations

  • Minimize risks with experienced personnel
  • Solve challenges with our successful track record
  • Predictable costs, budgets, and time-frames
  • Safer operations with fewer personnel and tools
  • Achieve objectives with tried, tested solutions

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Faster process to minimize downtime

  • Quicker turnaround with a company built on agility
  • Easier mobilization than with coil tubing
  • Largest intervention fleet for rapid responses
  • Reduce costs via fewer runs and higher recovery
  • Gets you back online, on time and budget
  • Cuts response time via in-house design, manufacturing

Power suction tool performs major clean-out

A client facing a one-barrier well in the North Sea discovered pressure buildup in the A annulus. An e-line operation also suggested a leak was below the holdup depth at 9711 ft. (2960m), resulting in an orange-risk classification. Find out how we solved the challenge…

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Successful obstruction removal in high-temperature gas well

In Indonesia, a client needed to perforate a gas reservoir to increase production. The well was flowing ~ 0.2 MMscf/D. The reservoir had estimated reserves of around 0.5 Bcf. After a 3.5” gauge cutter hung up at 4860m, a 2.3” pump bailer was run to remove debris. Find out how we overcame the obstruction…                                   

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High efficiency and reliable performance

Powerful new Cleaner:

• Faster, efficient retrieval of up to 80% more debris*

• Auger, drill bit and suction, all in one tool
• More cost-effective, requiring fewer people
• The leading cleaner from the industry’s innovator
• Small footprint, less CO2, more sustainable solutions (Compared to previous Welltec model)

Unmatched experience:
• 25 years of designing and manufacturing tools
• Custom designs cut operation time by 50% 
• The market leader, first to offer intervention • Adapting quickly to challenges for less downtime

Well manufactured - people drive our passion to pioneer

From a handful of staff in 1995, our diverse Development & Engineering and Manufacturing workforce of more than 200 now operate in 2 dedicated product centers, delivering cutting-edge design, CNC robotics, and in-house manufacturing. But it’s the innovative, entrepreneurial mindset of our people that drives our passion for thinking and working differently.

  • Top experts in research, D&E, manufacturing and operations
  • Quality control to microscopic tolerances, 75% swarf time
  • Innovative in-house manufacturing and automation, 24/7/365
  • Strong local presence worldwide with highly skilled teams
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