HP 534WAB® for zonal isolation in a slim hole design

Zonal isolation
WAB - Welltec Annular Barrier - case story JNO154792
  • Full bore id wab allows for Optimised production
  • High temp WAB provided Ability to deploy in + 160°C
  • HPHT WAB enables Client to complete well
  • Robust wab design provides ability to Rotate & work reaching TD slim hole
  • 10,000 PSI RATED rated wab can seal against expect Depletion pressures up to 8,000 psi over well life
  • Location Norway


As part of a high pressure high temperature (160°C) gas condensate field development well in the Norwegian Sea, run on 4 1/2” 17# 13CR-S110 liner, an operator faced a zonal isolation issue. The 5 ¾” open hole well drilled with managed pressure drilling, perforated two sand reservoirs.

Zonal isolation required to seal against expected depletion pressures of up to 8,000 psi over life of well. The operator was unable to design a cement program to achieve required sealing given the slim well construction, HPHT environment and small cement volumes.


Back to back 534WAB10:10 of 5.56” OD, full bore installed onto the liner. Tight spot encountered during liner deployment, the liner rotated all the way to TD, experiencing +/- hook loads of 20,000 lbs.

Liner landed 4 m shallow. Rig pumps used to pressure liner to 5,500 psi and all WABs expanded quickly under surface control achieving the full Delta P capability of 10,000 psi out to 6 ½” washed out hole.

Liner pressure tested for 10 mins and inflow test completed for sealing verification.

Cementless, HPHT zonal isolation provided by slim OD WAB.

Zonal isolation
1036X518 Jno154792 00000 Min