534WAB® facilitates high pressure zonal isolation

Zonal isolation
WAB - Welltec Annular Barrier - case story JCOL153892
  • Successful isolation: high pressure open hole zone Sealing capability of the WAB vs swellable packer
  • 34% incremental hydrocarbon production Provides client with a higher NPV
  • Enhanced well construction reduces risk Welltec’s solution provided proper zonal isolation
  • Strong operational job planning and execution Ensure WAB placement scenarios were catered for
  • Location Columbia


A client in Colombia encountered challenges on previous wells to achieve effective cement seal of a 4 ½” liner within 6” open hole.

The client wanted to try open hole completion, but needed high pressure zonal isolation and high pressure stimulation effective sealing. High pressure shale formation in between 2 sandstones' pay zones needed to be isolated.


Welltec® proposed the use of 2 x 534WAB10:10.2 with single compensation one facing opposite from the other.

The valve block system compensated for 1 side of the annulus and the inside of the liner in order to compensate for both high pressure zone and high pressure stimulation.


Prior to running the Welltec Annular Barrier (WAB) into the well for installation. Well deviation, open hole gauge, and well fluid were considered regarding the overall operation.

2 x 534WAB10:10.2 were incorporated in the 4 ½” liner in a cementless completion to isolate the “Los Cuervos” shale in the “Pauto Main” formation. Bottom WAB was RIH successfully to depth below “Los Cuervos” zone (Pauto Main) @ 18,378.87ft. Top WAB was RIH successfully to depth above “Los Cuervos” zone (Pauto Main) @ 18,138.59ft. Both WABs were expanded successfully with 5,000 psi applied from surface against seated ball.


WAB provided effective zonal isolation of the “Los Cuervos” high pressure shale.
Welltec designed an effective compensation and equalization valve system of both high pressure from “Los Cuervos” shale of “Pauto Main” and the high pressure stimulation pressure inside the liner.

WAB allowed the “Mirador” Sandstones in the “Pauto Main” and “Pauto Splay” formations to be perforated and effectively isolated and stimulated. Due to the OH completion and more contact area, the client saw an increase in their estimated production from previous wells where cement was used.

WAB high pressure effective open hole zone isolation gains incremental production by 34% from originally expected.

Zonal isolation
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