1214WAB® providing a life of well B annulus barrier

Well construction & integrity
WAB - Welltec Annular Barrier - case story  JNO14603, JNO144776 & JNO151638
  • Well type Oil & gas producer
  • Reservoir type Sandstone
  • Product placement Within 13 3/8" casing
  • Compliance with norsok D10 Confirmed without further need for dispensation
  • V0 1214WAB set within 13 3/8" casing Enables preferred primary cement operation
  • WAB qualified to 5,000PSI IS0 14310 V0 Leak rate criteria
  • WAB rotational capability Enhances primary cementing operations
  • Location Norway


A Norwegian IOC's previous attempts to isolate and mitigate against SCP (Sustained Casing Pressure) within the B annulus using various means and methods had proven unsuccessful.

Given the distance and formation conditions, the client did not wish to bring TOC to the 13 3/8” shoe, and required a solution to facilitate this change in methodology, and client policy dictated that this required a fully qualified IS014310 V0 well barrier.

The 1214WAB was selected, and once load simulations for the 9 5/8" casing were calculated and agreed upon, the WAB was subjected to qualification testing to both meet the load envelope and achieve an IS014310 V0 leak rate criteria at 5,000 psi.


The 1214WAB was successful deployment with the 9 5/8" casing and set, standalone, at the conclusion of primary cementing operations within the 13 3/8" casing and subsequent primary well barrier verification completed via pressure test from surface within B annulus.


The 1214WAB met the clients requirements in full, both in qualification, attaining a 5,000 psi V0 leak rate criteria in accordance with IS014310, and in application, through barrier verification via test down the B annulus.

Operator also confirmed compliance with NORSOK D10 without further need for dispensation.


V0 rated WAB secures life of well integrity and facilitates CAPEX effective well construction.

Well construction & integrity
1036X518 1214Wab Providing A Life Of Well B Annulus Barrier 00000 Min