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Dual 1214WAB® deliver critical cement assurance in sidetrack

  • Well type
    Hydrocarbon producer
  • Reservoir type
  • Product / placement
    Within 12 1/4" open hole
  • Isolation of water breakthrough
    Via dual WAB placement within open hole
  • Wab fullbore id enables sidetrack
    Without changes to the lower completion design
  • Well production reinstated
    As a direct result of dual WAB solution
  • Location


On a previous drilled well, due to poor cement as a result of formation issues, scaling water flowed from shallow of the 9 5/8” shoe into the depleted hydrocarbon producing sand. The well was lost and abandoned after 18 hours of production.

As a result, the subsequent sidetrack well incorporated two 1214WAB within the 12 1/4" open hole section, in combination with cement to provide a permanent barrier to flow of scaling waters.


Dual 1214WAB’s were deployed as part of the new 9 5/8” production casing, and ran through the milled window section within the 13 3/8" casing and into sidetrack 12 1/4" open hole section.

The primary cement operation was conducted and the dual 1214WABs were expanded within green cement against the bumped cement plug. The 1214WABs set in 12 ¼” section at 10,273 ft and 10,199 ft, effectively straddling the scaling water producing zone.


Through provision of permanent to water breakthrough, Welltec Annular Barrier (WAB) technology has allowed for uninterrupted production form this sidetracked well, and provided additional confidence for the operator that a permanent barrier is in place.

First deployment WABs through a milled out window in a sidetrack application.
Provide reliable production for the operator.
Avoid cost of drilling a new well.
Production data confirming no scaling water produced
WAB seal verified in open hole.

The WAB’s robust design, allows for deployment through a milled window to prevent scaling water flow across a thin shale.

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