WAB® provides isolation of high water saturation

Well completion
WAB - Welltec Annular Barrier - case story JCA182958
  • Well type Oil producer
  • Reservoir type Sandstone
  • Product / placement 812WAB / open hole
  • Isolation of high water saturation zone Reduces water-cut while increasing oil production
  • Welltec and client collaboration results In successful deployment & efficient rig time.
  • Short term delivery requirement Facilitated by Welltec manufacturing capability
  • Increased NPV By negating redundancy associated with swells
  • Location Canada


A Canada-based client was facing the challenge of successfully isolating high water concentration zones using swell packers for their infill wells in an offshore field.

It was believed that the high water concentration was a result of nearby water injectors breaking through via high permeability zones and faults.

Through a high degree of collaboration between Welltec® sales, manufacturing, and operations, a solution was developed to resolve this challenge.


Application of Welltec Annular Barrier: Initially 2 x 812WAB 5:5 were successfully installed in the first of two wells for water breakthrough isolation. A further 5 x 812WAB were successfully installed in the second well.


Welltec provided a robust, rapid set alternate to the previously failed swells. The incorporation of the Welltec Annular Barrier (WAB) led to a significant reduction in water cut and an increase in production.

Furthermore, the lead time for initial supply was very short (one month). As Welltec were able to provide a timely and superior WAB solution, this was another added value differentiation that motivated the client to collaborate with Welltec Completions.

WAB open hole zonal isolation maximizes production, reduces water-cut, and eliminates risk and uncertainty associated with swell packers while making more efficient use of CAPEX.

Well completion
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